Here are some of the major advantages to having Botox in different forms….

  1. Migraine reliever – Botox can be used to help prevent chronic migraines. One of the doctors in the FDA who approved Botox initially for anti wrinkle treatments confirmed that Botox is also great for migraine relief. Frequency of migraines is down across the UK and US purely because of Botox.
  2. Crossed eyes – Botox can be used to help crossed eyes, blurred vision and eyelid spasms. Performed correctly Botox can help to relax the eye muscles which results in the eyes correcting themselves and healing to eventually relieve any of the above conditions.
  3. Bladder incontinence – Botox can help to relax an overactive bladder. By injecting your bladder with Botox it will allow the bladder to expand meaning you will not have the urge to go to the toilet as much.
  4. Hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating can really interfere with personal and professional lifestyles. Injecting Botox in and around the armpits can stave off excessive sweating for up to two years in some cases.
  5. Joint pain – Botox can be used to help with joint pain. The signs are good, although this form of use is not as tested as we’d like there is evidence that Botox can help in this area.

 Other than the anti wrinkle benefit to Botox we can see that it really does have some superb benefits without having to go for surgical treatments.