LAST WEEK The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) warned the Irish public about the dangers of illegal Botox treatments carried out in Ireland. This comes after the prosecution and fining of a beauty salon in Dublin. The salon in question was fined €6,000 over the illegal treatments.

The salon was using a product which was not authorised by the watchdog and is not or should not be available on the Irish market. In addition to this the person carrying out the treatments was not qualified to do so.

This follows the conviction last year of another illegal provider who was fined €3,000.

The HPRA warned of the dangers which can arise from the use of illegal Botox practitioners; there can be serious side effects from unauthorised and unregulated product. Obviously any medical injection carries dangers when administered by a rouge practitioner.

Here at Younger You we only use Irish medical GP’s who are trained and experienced in providing Botox in a safe and comfortable environment.

Always make sure your Botox provider is a medical Doctor – it’s the law here in Ireland. Make sure you ask every single question you want answered and do your research to enable you to feel comfortable making the right decision for you.

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