Botox injections require very little downtime, but it is very important to pay a little attention to the treated area immediately following the procedure. It takes up to two weeks to see full results and, during this period, there are some simple steps you should take to assure everything will turn out to be as you imagined it.

What we are about to suggest are just basic rules that apply to anyone. However, each person have their particularities, therefore there may be other things you need to do. Discuss your aftercare with your practitioner. If you choose a specialised Botox clinic (and you should), a professional practitioner will have an answer to all your questions and will be able to provide clear aftercare guidelines for you to follow. Of course, it’s not enough to ask for the guideline, you also need to comply!

What to avoid after a Botox injection.

Alcohol – Avoid alcohol consumption during the first 24 hours after the treatment.

Massage – It is absolutely necessary NOT to massage the treated area. Any pressure put on the skin could affect the way botox lays. Follow this rule for at least a week.

Sport – Limit your sporting activities for the first 24 hours, but exercise your facial muscles. Smile and frown a lot.

Bruising/Swelling – Keep in mind that bruising and swelling might occur after the treatment, but It won’t take long to heal. Do not apply ice.

Sun exposure – Sunbathing or tanning beds should be avoided prior to and post treatment.

If you respect all the guidelines and choose a specialised Botox Clinic, your results should last a lot longer.