The question about when is the right time to start using Botox has caused a lot of controversies, but here is one opinion that we most certainly agree with.

At the beginning of this year, Ashlee Holmes, 23, daughter of Real Housewife of New Jersey, Jacqueline Laurita, has injected Botox because she wanted to “iron” some of her wrinkles. Even if at that tender age, the fine wrinkles are not something to make one feel uncomfortable, we consider Ashlee’s approach a very healthy one. In an interview for, she said that it was her first time and she just wanted to try at least once, to see how it feels and how it looks.

As it happens with any public figure that undergoes an aesthetic treatment, Holmes has responded to critics:

“People lose their minds over other women getting cosmetic procedures. I say, if you have the finances and you feel like it’s something that will make you feel more confident, why not go for it. It’s not like I’m out there telling women, ‘Hey, the only way you can be beautiful is by getting all sorts of injections.’ I believe that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin. If you can do that without touching your face at all, good for you. However, for some people that might mean trying out some new tricks. Everyone needs to relax. So many women much more well known than me have tried Botox, so it’s going to be okay”.

 Yes, this is also how we feel about having Botox injected under your skin. If it makes you feel beautiful, confident, sexy, if it improves the quality of your life, then have Botox once, twice. or as many times as you feel like.

 She didn’t say if she’ll get Botox in the future, but she’s curious about the results.