New research has concluded that men in the UK are undergoing Botox treatments from an unqualified friend. 17% of males are willing to allow an unqualified friend to administer Botox treatments at home compared to only 10% of females.

This research has provided quite alarming results that shows men are far more likely to take risks when it comes to having beauty treatments. A third of men in the studfy also admitted to having Botox treatments carried out at a salon where they were unsure if the Botox provider was qualified or not. Again only one in ten women said they would take a risk like this.

15% of men also agreed that they would not have a problem having the Botox treatment administered by an untrained practitioner – putting themselves at major risk.

As the non surgical beauty treatments industry grows there must be consideration for the wellbeing of those undergoing the treatments. There are many unqualified Botox practitioners performing Botox treatments from inappropriate surroundings, it is paramount that all patients know the background of their practitioner to ensure their safety is not at risk.

Our doctor at YoungerYou:

Dr Richard Downey is a UCD Graduate 2007. He has completed the RCSI National BST and BSSPT Training programs in hospitals all over Ireland. He has Advanced training in Botox treatments and regularly attends Aesthetic Medicine conferences and courses.