Glabella represents the most common site for Botox treatments. For those who do not know what a „glabella” is, the term is used for the space between the eyes. Wrinkles in the glabellar complex are very visible, especially when frowning. However, Botox injections in this area are so popular because of their great effectiveness.

Before having this procedure, each patient needs to be carefully assessed. There is no standard dose; it will be established by the practitioner based on a thorough analysis.  For instance, men usually need a higher dosage, sometimes even double, than women. The doctor will also analyse length, direction, and bulk of the corrugators as well as the prominence of the procerus and nasalis muscles in order to make the right decision.

Muscles are very different in each individual. Their length and strength vary, therefore the practitioner’s experience and knowledge are of great importance. Only in a reputable licensed Botox clinic you can be confident that you have access to qualified staff that truly understands the product and how to use it.

Many people are afraid that they will lose the ability of showing their emotions if they choose o have botox injected in the glabella. Actually, this is not true at all. After injecting botox in the glabellar complex, patients are still able to frown. The forehead is not “frozen”, it just doesn’t come together as it used to before the injections. You will still have the ability to raise your eyebrow as well.