For those who do not know her, Andrea McLean is a Scottish television host who filled in for Jackie Brambles in the TV show Loose Women. However, we are not going to talk about her career in this article, but about the impeccable look she pulls off every time, and being considered one of the most polished women in television.

McLean is 44, she is a mother of 2 beautiful children (7yrs and 13yrs) and she looks simply amazing. What’s her secret? “I’m in my 40s, I’ve had two children and if I didn’t pay attention to how I looked I wouldn’t look how I do now. You do have to work at it a little bit. I just see it as part of my job.”, she said.

Taking care of herself was always part of her life, but Botox is the friend she knows she can always rely on. The decision was made when one of her children asked her why she looks so cross. “I wasn’t cross, it was just my face!”, McLean said to

The TV host decided to give Botox a go and, since then, everytime she feel the need or one of her children tells her she looks miserable, she goes straight to the clinic for a treatment.

Andrea McLean is a public figure that appears regularly on television, but beauty is for all of us, whether we are homemakers or successful business people. You too can look like a celebrity and feel like one; there is nothing standing in your way! The fact that well known people are happy to publically talk about their procedures lets us see that they are just as human as all of us and each person can look like that if that’s what they want.