We, here at Younger You, like and promote Botox. We don’t have any prejudices and we only recommend it whenever we think it will help. However, we would also like to educate and become a reliable voice for our clientele. We feel that Botox should be each person’s decision and we’re here to talk to you about all its positive effects. However, there are certain questions that a lot of clients ask us and we thought it appropriate to answer to some of them on our blog.

One of the most asked questions is “Can I get Botox when I’m pregnant?”

The simplest and quickest answer is: “We can’t say it’s not safe, but we can say it’s not advisable”.

We can’t say that it’s not safe because there has been very little research on Botox during pregnancies and, in order to study the effects, pregnant women would have to be injected with Botox, and no one is really willing to be tested during their pregnancy. The generally held opinion by doctors is that it would not be harmful during a pregnancy but it would be better not to use Botox at this time. Botox stays localised where it is injected, so it doesn’t travel to other parts of the body.

In General, women who use Botox on a regular basis do not feel the need to use it when they are pregnant. Water retention pad out many fine lines and crow’s feet.

Our advice is not to continue treatment with Botox during pregnancy or breastfeeding.