Would you believe Botox is now available to slim down your calf muscles?! The purpose is to help fit into skinny jeans, tights and boots. We all know the main purpose for Botox injections is to help with wrinkles, however this is the latest use of Botox and it looks like it really could be taking off!!

Injecting Botox relaxes the calf muscle so it does not contract as much – this can result in a calf circumference reduction of up to two inches for six months or so. Wearing heels, playing sport or simply genetics means that calf muscles can strengthen and become quite large in some cases – therefore this alternative use of Botox helps to maintain the size of the contraction in the muscle.

Wide calf boots are actually quite a common shopping product, lots of people search for this particular type of boot. Fitting into normal off the shelf boots can actually be a problem for many ladies.

Initially there are worries that using the required amount of Botox to relax the calf is around 250 units – compared to the use of facial units is generally around 20 units. There is little evidence of any major side effects yet but obviously using 10 times the amount for the calves may have medical worries that go with the treatment.

The treatment is really only taking off in Asia at the moment so at Younger You I think we will sit back and watch this space….what’s next?!!