According to Daily Mail, the number of men having Botox has increased by 25% in 2013. The same article states that men used to book appointments either really early in the morning or very late at night to avoid being faced with other customers, due to a stigma attached to this activity. However, nowadays men are very relaxed in this matter and show up at the clinics at peak hours with no problem whatsoever.

For a long period of time, Botox has been associated with women. This happened because ladies represented and still represent the vast majority of users, but also because of the marketing campaigns who chose beautiful women for their materials.

Of course Botox has the same de-aging effect on male patients and the increased percentage of men who choose to have this procedure is a clear sign that they are starting to see what women have known for such a long time. Many male celebrities also publicly admitted that they are using Botox to wipe some years of their faces, so this might have helped as well with the public opinion.

At our clinics we welcome a large number of male patients. After assessing their feedback, we can say with certainty that men who have had Botox injections not only look better, but feel better and experienced a self-esteem boost.