Brotox as it is sometimes referred to is simply Botox for men. There is no difference in treatment from what their female counterpart may experience. At YoungerYou we specialise in Botox treatments and therefore provide Botox treatments to male and females looking to reduce wrinkles in the skin around the facial area.

More recently Brotox has been seen as an investment in your career – a lot of high powered businessmen are now choosing to use the fastest growing anti aging cosmetic treatment to reduce the signs of aging. The most common areas to treat on men are the frown lines, between the eyes. Reducing these wrinkles can reduce the look of anger across a mans face. Even when a male facial expression is neutral, deep wrinkles between the eyes can have a look of anger. In the corporate world colleagues may find it difficult to approach one another if this is the case.

It is not uncommon these days for men to have non surgical cosmetic tretaments to enhance their looks. It is a growing market segment and now considered the norm. Men may require slightly more Botox for their treatments due to muscle mass compared to women. The extra cost is insignioficant and at YongerYou there is generally no need for extra charges unless it was an extraordinary dosage, which is rare.

We are available for consultations at any point or please call us to inquire, we can help answer any questions you may have with regards to any anti wrinkle treatments.