If you have ever had bruising after a botox treatment then chances are you weren’t happy and thought twice about returning.

Although bruising is a side effect from having botox injections and there is no way to completely remove the possibility, there are things that can be done to reduce the chances of  bruising after botox

Here are our top tips to avoid bruising:

Tip one:

Arnica – some people love homeopathic medicine while others turn their noses up and argue that if it really worked drug companies would exploit their virtues. We’re sitting on the fence with that particular argument but we will say that our doctors often recommend the use of arnica on the affected areas the days following botox.

Tip two:

Needles should be kept small – This perhaps sounds obvious but many doctors we come across use needles that while work are a little too big for botox. Our doctors use small 30 gauge needles which mean they are less sore and therefore reduce the risk of bruising.

Tip three:

Avoid the veins: Sounds obvious again but if you have big veins or ones that always bruise, tell your doctor. Not all blood vessels are but avoiding the ones most notable will reduce the risk of bruising.

Tip four:

Keep on the pressure: Once the area chosen has been injected it is important pressure is kept on the area with cotton to keep any bleeding at bay, this in turn reduces the change of bruising.

Tip five:

ICE! It is well know that sports people take ice baths after a hard game or training and this is for one reason only, to reduce soreness and bruising in the muscles. The same theory applies to your face and luckily it doesn’t require you sitting in an ice bath!

Tip 6:

Alcohol – Alcohol thins the blood and as such does not go hand in hand with any medical procedure. In this instance alcohol increases blood flow to the face which increases the risk of bruising.