Make sure you’re hydrated! A lot of skin wear can be caused by dehydrated skin, which is sometimes confused with dry or oily sink – but it is very different. First, be sure you are drinking enough water. Then check the humidity. There are loads of small humidifiers that will help firm your skin while you sleep. Or, throw a clean rag in a bowl of water, hang a little bit over the edge of the bowl and set it next to an air register or a fan. The added surface area of the rag will help the moving air draw out the humidity and siphon more water onto the part of the rag outside the bowl. Dry air causes skin to itch and feel uncomfortable, as well as dry sinuses and nosebleeds!

Remember to layer your moisture:

  1. Go for a hydrating toner. Something with snail secretions/hyaluronic acid or even plain old glycerin and rosewater will do the trick.
  2. Serum/essence/ampue. Go for something with hyaluronic acid that you can layer under your moisturiser.
  3. Moisturising cream/lotion.

Also be careful not to damage the moisture barrier! If you have dry skin, its because your skin’s natural oil production is lower than it should be. Increase the moisturising products, wear sunscreen, and be aware of how your skin feels.