What is a drooping eyelid?

The skin above the eyes generally loses volume as we age. Those of us with particularly prominent brows can generally lose more volume, resulting in droopiness or heaviness of the eyelids.  The skin above the eyes no longer is held up by the subcutaneous tissues but is hanging down over the eyelids.

What is the treatment for a  drooping eyelid?

Some doctors use dermal fillers in this area, but it is not currently a frequently carried out procedure.  Product can migrate(move from where injected) and end up in a different place where intended.  More commonly a brow lift treatment is done. This can be a surgical brow lift or an ‘injected’ brow lift. The second treatment can be done in a clinic setting with needles and no downtime.

How long does treatment take for a drooping eyelid?

This is one of the quickest treatments available and can be done in under 20 seconds (after a thorough consultation).  An injection is performed a the outer part of each eyebrow which after about 2 weeks will result in lifting of the brow by between 1 and 4 mm depending on how much is used.

Does it hurt?

Treatment in the brow is painless for most people, described by patients as ‘just a pinch’. Officially treatment in this area is classed as between a 2 and 3 on the ‘1-10 pain scale’.  This is equivalent to somewhere between a mosquito bite(2/10) and a paper cut(3/10).   A lot of people would consider the pain level to be similar to squeezing a spot.

Are there any side effects to this treatment?

The side effects associated with treatment in this area are quite limited, and it is important to aim to use the least amount of product to get the desired effect in order to minimize the small chance of these.  Common needle side effects include temporary (5-10 minutes) swelling and redness, less commonly bruising, and then much less commonly again, product specific side effects which your doctor will discuss with you before treatment.  Over treatment in this area could result in lifting of the eyebrows by too much. On the other hand, some people don’t experience much of a lift even if a lot of product is used. Best is to try a treatment and see how your muscles respond.

How much does this treatment cost?

As a very small amount of product is used, treatment is offered at only €99. Sometimes if other areas are being treated, this area is offered for free as part of the other treatment.