What are Eye bags, Under eye bags?

Under the eyes, volume loss due to dragging of the cheeks, weight loss and generalized facial volume loss, people often complain of bagginess and hollowness under the eyes.  Dark shadows from pigment can be accentuated by this hollowness.  A lot of women use concealers to mask this volume loss.

What are the treatments for Eye bags, Under eye bags?

The tear trough can be corrected by using a less viscous dermal filler. The filler is injected deeply into the affected area, and lifts up the skin above it to if required completely restore volume to the area.

How long does the treatments for Eye bags, Under eye bags take?

Treatment takes about 5 minutes and requires 2-3 injections on each side.  Treatment is performed by a doctor.

Does the treatments for Eye bags, Under eye bags hurt?

The popular misconception that fillers can be very painful has been overturned with the recent developments in cosmetic anesthesia.  Most products used in our clinics are the local anesthetic containing versions, meaning that the pain that people used to experience from ‘stretching’ of the skin is much improved.  We also provide brand new ‘Ouchless needle’ technology as well as local anesthetic creams.  The tear trough is not a very tender area although it is close to the eye, which many people expect to be a pain sensitive area.

Are there any side effects?

The side effects associated with treatment in this area are quite limited.  Common needle side effects include temporary (5-10 minutes) swelling and redness, less commonly bruising, and then much less commonly again, product specific side effects which your doctor will discuss with you before treatment.  The eyes are more prone to bruising than other areas.

How much does treatment cost?

In this area, cost is directly proportional to how bad the hollowing is, and how much of an improvement is desired. Treatments can be done from as little as €200 for 1/2 ml.  The average amount of product used is 1/2 to 1 full ml for this area.  Our doctor will often have examples of what kind of results to expect from different amounts of filler.  Also as the results are instant, you and the doctor can agree together during treatment how much filler to use.