We have already explored the psychological impact caused by Botox and how it can help with self-esteem. We feel better about ourselves if we look better, but now this idea is being expanded and experts are studying the possibility of using Botox as a treatment for severe depression.

As we explained, frown muscles are responsible for the lines on our forehead, but they are also the one responsible for expressing negative feelings like distress, anger and sadness. Studies were carried out to see if paralyzing the muscles responsible for the visible part of depression could have an effect on the subjects’ psychological state.

One of the studies was conducted by a cosmetic dermatologist and a professor of psychiatry at Georgetown Medical School. 74 patients received glabellar injections, either botox or a placebo saline solution. 6 weeks after the injections, 52% of the Botox group subjects showed improvement in their depression, while only 15% of the control group declared they sensed any difference. 

Besides the “feel-good” factor, Botox injections work on a deeper layer of our subconscious.  The results suggest that this type of treatment triggers much more than just a self confidence boost, and further research can be expect in this area.