What are forehead wrinkles, forehead lines?

The forehead lines are horizontal lines that we get as we age. The lines are caused by repetitive raising of the eyebrows.  The muscles involved are known as the frontalis muscles. We have a pair of these muscles(one for each side). These muscles fold the skin as skin loses its structural proteins as we age, and eventually the lines don’t disappear when we stop raising the eyebrows, and we are left with ‘the furrowed brow’. This can give an aged or worried appearance, hence the name worry lines.

What are the ways of treating forehead wrinkles, forehead lines ?

The lines on the forehead can be treated by two main methods. The first of these and most effective is to weaken the muscles that raise the eyebrows. The aim is to still allow raising of the eyebrows but not as much as previously, to prevent the folds from appearing as strongly and as frequently.

The second method of settling the lines is to use a dermal filler that fills in the areas where volume loss has happened(the creases). Dermal filler is injected about 1or 2 mm below the surface of the line. Usually a moderate viscosity (relatively but not too thick) filler can be used for these purposes. The result of the filler is to lift the base of the line by as much as is injected. Lifting up the base of the line results in a less visible line.

Often only one of the two treatment techniques is needed, and the filler is only reserved for the really established lines that don’t settle with muscle relaxation.

How long does it take to treat forehead wrinkles, forehead lines ?

Treatments take from 5-10 minutes to carry out, and are performed by a doctor. The actual ‘injection part’ of the treatment can be as short as 30 seconds.

Does it hurt?

This area is one of the less tender areas. The forehead is quite thin and has less nerve endings compared to other areas of the face.  As a result, this is often the least painless area to treat.  Also the amount of muscle relaxant treatment that is needed is often less, which makes it even less painful again.  Officially treatment in this area is classed as between a 2 and 3 on the ‘1-10 pain scale’.  This is equivalent to somewhere between a mosquito bite(2/10) and a paper cut(3/10). A lot of people would consider the pain level to be similar to squeezing a spot.

Possible side effects of treating forehead wrinkles, forehead lines ?

The side effects associated with treatment in this area are quite limited, and it is important to aim to use the least amount of product to get the desired effect in order to minimize the small chance of these.  Common needle side effects include temporary (5-10 minutes) swelling and redness, less commonly bruising, and then much less commonly again, product specific side effects which your doctor will discuss with you before treatment.  It is particularly important in this area not to over treat as this can result in heaviness of the brow and even brow drooping.  Best practice is to under treat and add more later if it is needed, rather than over treating and waiting for the excess treatment to wear off.  We encourage all clients to return for a review appointment with the doctor 2-4 weeks after treatment.