The beauty world is full of tips and ticks, but this step by step guide created by ganbattelilone really takes the cake!

In her own words:

Primer: I don’t do primer. Because my skincare routine is my primer to my makeup application.

  • Problem 1: For those with dry skin, we can sometimes be overzealous with moisturizers/serums/essences/etc. How do you know when you’ve overdone it with skincare products prior to makeup application? Your foundation will sit on top of your skin and never set, even if you apply a setting powder. If you touch it, it will transfer.
  • Solution: Look into reducing the amount of products you are putting in your face OR if your moisturizer is not playing nice with your foundation. Also, ensure your skincare routine has fully dried prior to applying makeup.
  • Problem 2: Sometimes, those with dehydrated dry skin will not moisturize well enough. When you apply makeup, almost regardless of the way you apply it, you will get dry patches. Foundation, by nature, is going to cling and accentuate dry patches. Some foundations do this worse than others, but in the over 20 foundations I have tried, if I have dry patches it will cling to some degree.
  • Solution: Look into hydrating serums, more occlusive moisturizers, and consider GENTLE exfoliation. It’s really easy to just think “Oh, I’ll exfoliate the hell out of my skin!” No.. that leads to problem 3.
  • Problem 3: You overexfoliated your dry skin. You may not even notice it, but notice your skin is a little redder than normal and not a brilliant as it normally is. Or, your overexfoliaton causes you to get even more flakey skin (putting you back to problem 2). When you apply liquid foundation, it will simply NOT STICK to your skin. Whether you sweep it, pat it, dab it, it won’t stick.
  • Solution: Not much; Using a powder foundation during this time will be kind of your only bet for coverage. You could do the wayne goss method of putting down a loose powder first, then applying foundation on top of it, giving the foundation something to stick to. But, this in my experience of dry skin, can very quickly look too full coverage and not natural.

Foundation: My foundation I adore is Tom Ford Traceless Foundation. It’s way too damn expensive, but I worked my way up to the ladder testing everything in Sephora to finally just giving into it. The only other thing I liked way the OLD formulation of YSL Touche Eclat. I do not like the new one.

  • Why do I like it: It’s a very sheer-medium coverage foundation with a VERY dewy finish. I like the dewy finish, as I can knock it down to satin with a setting powder to my liking. It applies like a dream, builds beautifully, and my skin agrees with it. It looks beautiful in real life, in harsh camera lighting, in dim camera lighting, and in video. For me to detect I am wearing this foundation, I have to get right up against the mirror, tilt my head up into harsh look mirror, and look.
  • How do I apply it: Beauty Blender. Beauty Blenders are a godsend for dry skin folk. Brushes, no matter how fabulous and soft they are (I have Hakuhodo, Tom Ford, Chikuhodo, etc.), I will not get the same undetectable coverage as with the beauty blender. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART: I put one pump of the foundation on the back of my hand and spread it into a thin, uniform layer. I will let this sit and WARM UP as I do my concealer first. Then, I will take my beauty blender, bounce it in the foundation, and then apply to my face. This causes a very sheer and universal application, allowing your to build VERY THIN layers for just enough coverage.

CONCEALER: What I’m loving right now is CoverFX Drops for my concealer. However, NARS radiant creamy concealer is my fall back.

  • Why do I love the CoverFX? They have an intense pigment without needing a lot of product. This is great in keeping the layers on your skin thin. I apply it under my eyes and on my cheek redness with my fingers. Then I blend out with a beauty blender. I do this PRIOR to my Tom Ford foundation, because the CoverFX drops are a more viscous consistency than the foundation. Making your makeup look natural, I use the skincare theory of thin –> thick. Therefore, if I am using the NARS, I will apply it AFTER my foundation, since it’s thicker.

Setting Powder: I just picked up the Chantecaille Loose Powder and it ridiculously luxurious.

  • Why do I like it: It’s talc free and it doesn’t dry my skin out to hell. It’s finely milled like I have never felt in my life, and when the SA applied it to my skin, in a pretty careless way with a brush, it blurred out all of my pores and lines on my hand. Look for something with similar qualities; I know people love the Laura Mercier, which would be a good option, but it does not feel as finely milled as the Chantecaille.
  • How do I apply it: Days when I have dry skin? Powder puff. Either the Laura Mercier one, or the Chantecaille one that came with the powder. I use a powder puff because I do not want to sweep or drag against my skin, even with very soft squirrel hair brushes; it could cause dry flakes to pop up. I gently press the powder into my skin to my desired finish. What about days I have good skin? I will use a brush and applying in a downward sweeping motion. Let it sit for a few minutes to set in/soak up the moisture. Then with a scant amount more of powder, buff it EVER SO GENTLY.

Finish rest of makeup — Blush, Bronzer, Contour, Highlight, etc.