How Botox Works

Generally wrinkles occur in the skin perpendicular to the contracting muscle under the skin in any particular area. When you raise your eye brows the muscle in the forehead is vertical and therefore the wrinkles on your forehead will form in a horizontal fashion. Nerve impulses are blocked by Botox when it is injected into the muscle. This results in a reduction in the muscle activity that causes frown lines and therefore the skin is smoother. As the muscle beneath the skin is unable to contract, it is difficult to have wrinkles.

Wrinkles that are visible even when your muscles are relaxed are more suitable to be treated with dermal fillers. Botox may soften these particular lines to a certain extent but will not completely eliminate them.

Botox injections generally take 10 – 15 minutes and in the majority of cases there is no down time after the treatment. The results from Botox take between 2 and 4 days. The maximum effect from Botox will occur between 10 and 14 days after the treatment. Botox should last an average of 4 months dependent on many different variables for each patient – age, diet, facial structure etc.

Botox Side Effects

Botox side effects are in most cases absolutely minor, the main Botox side effects are listed below but in general patients should not be concerned about these side effects: 

  •  pain from needle penetrating the skin – Botox injections are performed with very small needles and therefore the pain from breaking the skkin with the needle is minor.
  • Inflamation/swelling – may be caused by an allergic reaction but is generally unnoticeable as the are where the penetration to the skin occured is such a small area.
  • Redness/bleeding – redness may occur from irritatiing the area where the needle is insted into the skin, this is normal and will dissipitate quickly. Again bleeding may occur where the needle is inserted into the skin, this will stop and can be controlled by the patient.
  • Numbness – Botox is not an anaesthetic and therefore numbness should not be as a result of Botox.
  • Droop – it is possible for Botox to spread a little beyond the area where injected, for instance if injected into the foreheasd close to the eyebrows it may spread and result in temporary eyelid droop.

Botox is extremely safe when administered correctly. Our doctors at YoungerYou ensure patient safety is at the fore and with great experience these side effects should be reduced considerably.