There are millions of before/after Botox pictures available on the web. As you can see, they are very different one from another, especially as the dosage differs and each organism reacts in its own particular way to Botox.

From our point of view, naturalness should prevail at all times. Whether we are discussing cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, Botox or derma-fillers, augmentations or reductions and so on, a good result needs to be one that looks natural.

Before choosing a procedure and the amount of „work” to be done, ask yourselves: “Would I find this in nature?” – If the answer is ”No”, then you should probably consider lowering your demands.

Many patients have unrealistic expectations and are willing to subject themselves to excessive amounts of fillers or whiteners. In our clinics, we council these patients and offer more than just a medical opinion. We consider the satisfaction of our clients to be the first and foremost objective, but sometimes, they need some professional advice to truly understand and decide what they really want and need.

Turning back to the question in the title, the results will not be very obvious. A proper Botox treatment is meant to wipe some years of your face, to give you a fresh and shiny look, to make you smile and make your wrinkles and lines less obvious. Contrary to some popular beliefs, your face will not look frozen or inexpressive.

An excessive amount of Botox will give the patient a fake look. This is why you should always choose a good practitioner and a specialised clinic.

Botox is meant to make you look healthy, young and happy.