Botox can be intimidating to those who know very little about the treatment. It is one of the most common and popular anti aging tretaments available. With the safe hands of our Irish registered doctors at Younger You our patient experience is quick and pain free. A few small injections later and you can look significantly younger in minutes. Botox results are specifically good with fine lines and wrinkles.

Generally patients often wonder about Botox pricing and cost. Treatments usually range from €120 – €400 depending on what the patient desires, how many areas and amount of botox used. The amount of Botox used can differ from patient to patient depending on aging effects. It is often good to discuss pricing with your doctor in terms of price per unit and the number of units required for you.

Treatment technique used by your doctor can make a considerable difference. Our doctors at Younger You use the finest techniques honed through experience when delivering Botox treatments. They often attend conferences and seminars to help develop their skills. Botox does not remove deep set wrinkles, but Botox does however work extremely well on fine lines and minor wrinkles.

Botox treatments should last for three to four months depending on the individual. If you feel the results do not last as long as this it is important to contact our doctos at Younger You and be seen for a consultation and a free retreatment if necessary. Botox will definitely help to give you that younger look pretty much straight after treatment. on top of this your Botox treatment will help to stop other wrinkles forming over the longer term. We know one thing for sure at Younger You, Botox may be intimidating at first sight, but once you come in for your first treatment you will see that it is worth it. Patients who have Botox treatments are adamant that it is worth it, and that is highlighted by our patient return rate of nearly 80%.