In spite of its obvious popularity, there is a lot of speculations and myths surrounding Botox and Botox injections.  Let’s talk about some the misunderstandings that are doing the rounds today.

Many people believe that Botox will prevent them from showing their emotions via facial their expressions or, even worse, will have them give the wrong impressions.

FALSE. If the procedure is performed in a specialised clinic by a skilled physician, this will not happen. The consequences could be indeed dire if you choose to have the injection in some obscure beauty salons with an untrained and in experienced service provider.

Some people believe Botox causes ‘addiction’ i.e once you start you cannot stop.

FALSE. Botox doesn’t cause addiction in patients. People do however wipe a few years of their faces, the skin is tight and smooth etc. Naturally, people love their new appearance and they want to keep their regained youth. But Botox doesn’t cause addiction.

Many people think the Botox injection hurts.

FALSE. In fact, many patients compare it to a mosquito bite.

Some say that cosmetic Botox is the same thing as Botulism.

FALSE. Cosmetic Botox is made from a purified protein derived from the toxin. There are extensive researches that prove Botox is not dangerous for patients. It would take a dose 100 times bigger for the treatment to be fatal.

Many people believe that you should be at least 30 years old for this procedure.

FALSE. Botox can be administered to any person over 18 years old if the patient truly needs it. The reason you might want to do this as a younger person is because there are many people who develop mimic lines in their adolescence.