What are smokers lines?

Excessive use of the obicularis oris muscle around the mouth as happens with smoking causes puckering of the skin around the mouth.  The lines that result are known as smokers lines.  Unfortunately, not just smokers suffer with these lines. They also occur for non smokers. The muscle is used when drinking using a straw and when speaking.

Ways of treating smokers lines?

There are two ways to treat this area. The first and less effective is with a muscle relaxant.

How long does treatment take?

Treatments take from 5-10 minutes to carry out, and are performed by a doctor. The actual ‘injection part’ of the treatment can be as short as 30 seconds.

Does it hurt?

The popular misconception that fillers can be very painful has been overturned with the recent developments in cosmetic anesthesia.  Most products used in our clinics are the local anesthetic containing versions, meaning that the pain that people used to experience from ‘stretching’ of the skin is much improved.  We also provide brand new ‘Ouchless needle’ technology as well as local anesthetic creams.  If after all this treatment were still painful, we offer a local anesthetic dental block, which can be injected by the doctor to completely anesthetize the area.  We usually avoid the dental block where possible as it can result in numbness of the area for an hour or so after treatment. (Just like after the dentist).  The upper lip is one of the more sensitive areas of the face, but with all these techniques combined, it can be quite tolerable.

Are there any side effects to treating smokers lines?

The side effects associated with treatment in this area are quite limited.  Common needle side effects include temporary (5-10 minutes) swelling and redness, less commonly bruising, and then much less commonly again, product specific side effects which your doctor will discuss with you before treatment.

How much does treatment cost for smokers line?

In this area, cost is directly proportional to how bad the lines are, and how much of an improvement is desired. Treatments can be done from as little as €200 for 1/2 ml.  The average amount of product used is only 1/2ml for this area.  Our doctor will often have examples of what kind of results to expect from different amounts of filler.  Also as the results are instant, you and the doctor can agree together during treatment how much filler to use.