A study performed in the UK suggests that Botox and dermal fillers are among the safest cosmetic treatments available with a very low rate of minor side effects.

There is potential for minor side effects from these treatments – bruising, change in skin colour or lumpiness in the skin. However, this occurs in less than one percent of patients making the treatment extremely safe according to this recent study.

The promoters of the study suspected that there would be a low rate of side effects but were pleasantly surprised when they found the rate to be way lower than expected.

The study was performed by doctors on patients. When studying Botox treatments 1 in 3,333 treatments resulted in minor side effects occuring. Only doctors performed the Botox treatments for the study so it is possible that negative outcomes may occur if treated by less experienced and non qualified technicians. Ensure that your treatment provider is a qualified registered doctor. The great positive for Botox and dermal fillers is that they are performed without anaesthesia and the downtime after treatment is generally only an hour or two.

By performing small procedures like Botox every once in a while combined with other smaller treatments we can avoid the risk of having larger treatments like facelifts etc that require cutting the skin and anaesthesia.

Be very careful when it comes to choosing your Botox and dermal filler provider, there are very inexperienced and non qualified technicians and practitioners out there – especially in malls and mini spas.

All doctors at YoungerYou Dublin and Cork are Irish registered, experienced and trained in the best techniques for applying these non surgical cosmetics treatments, Botox Dublin and Cork.