A new use of Botox is slowly taking effect and starting to infiltrate this part of the world as a new non-surgical cosmetic treatment, “The Botox Boob Job”. The treatment is catching on as another way to boost your boobs and make them perkier without surgery.

Botox is injected into the pectoral muscles, relaxing the pectoral muscles which consequently forces the shoulders and chest muscles to take the strain. This will result in the breasts looking perkier and close to a cup size larger.

According to doctors who are performing this tretament it works best for those with cup size between A and C. The treatment is costly however, as the amount of Botox required is larger than for facial muscles. The treatment will only last for a maximum of six months as with most Botox treatments, then retreatment is required. Reports so far – no downtime, no side effects, no scars and virtually painless. It is said to be ideal for women after pregnancy who experience droopy boobs. Sagging boobs and wrinkly busts can create insecurity for a lot of women. 

At YoungerYou, the Botox Boob Job is a new treatment that requires a bit more research before we could consider performing the treatment. As yet medical approval of the treatment has not been confirmed, however we will watch this space………