As cosmetic procedures become increasingly common, people are becoming more open to discussions about their interventions and the impact they had on their lives. The vast majority of people who had Botox injections are recounting their experiences as positive and in general the feedback is that the procedures took years off their faces and gave them a lot of confidence instead.

Judging by the cosmetics’ physicians declarations, Botox has a huge potential to increase self-esteem and raise the level of confidence in patients of both genders. People often choose cosmetic dermatology not because they want to change the way they look, but the way they look at themselves. The fiercest judge of our appearance is ourselves. 

The positive impact Botox has on patients’ was suspected for quite a while but it was confirmed after several studies sought to find out. One of these studies was conducted by Dr. Steven Dayan. The researcher’s objective was “To determine the effects that [botulinum toxin type A] injections for the treatment of facial wrinkles had on quality of life and self-esteem.”.The experiment concluded what was expected: Botox impacts the way people look at themselves. Botox increases appearance, social, and performance-related self esteem.

The new year just started and it’s time for new begginings.

You can either start with a new year added to your calendar, or with a few years wiped of your face.