Using Botox and dermal fillers we can now completely rejuvenate the face with what is known as a liquid facelift.

As botox and dermal fillers are of a liquid form the new term for anti aging is the liquid facelift. The liquid facelift is non-surgical and requires no anaesthetic or downtime. The treatment is designed to help with rejuvenating the entire face.

Fillers tend to be used more so towards the bottom third of the facial area and botox more so on the upper two thirds of the face. Many surgeons are recommending the liquid facelift as an alternative to the surgical facelift.

When performed through the hands of an expert anti wrinkle injectable practitioner the results can be outstanding. A consultation is important to ensure you are suitable for the entire procedure. In some cases there may be a natural loss of volume in the skin which may mean the patient is unsuitable for an entire liquid facelift. Botox treatments must be performed by an Irish registered doctor, whereas dermal fillers can be performed by practitioners with the appropriate training and qualifications.

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