1. Like any Younger You treatment, we use the best meterals to give you the best look.For lip fillers, the easiest and most natural temporary filler is hyaluronic acid (HA) such as Restylane.
  2. HA fillers can be easily and completely erased. HA is not permanent. Therefore, the eraser enzyme called hyaluronidase is just a simple injection away. The enzyme will dissolve the filler in five minutes if you’re unhappy with the initial results.
  3. Younger You has the most compatate pricing not just in Dublin, but for most of Ireland. We charge by the ml, and won’t break the bank.
  4. HA fillers last about four to six months. However, if your body is on the thinner side the forulia will be motablaised faster.
  5. Results are seen almost immediately.Due to the treatement resluts can be seen in mintues. Give your lips 24 hours to settle and the swelling to calm.
  6. If done correctly, lips with injections don’t feel any different than real lips. Not even when you’re kissing.
  7. You can choose to have your lips numbed beforehand. The area around your lips can be numbed but the treastment is in no way painful.
  8. There’s practically zero downtime.The procedure takes about 15 to 20 minutes total, and the numbing will start to wear off after about 15 minutes. You can go back to your busy life without worry.
  9. You don’t have to go all out. You can choose which areas of your lips you’d like the focus to be. Whether you want to do both lips, just the bottom lip, or the middle of the top lip, you can plump wherever you and your doctor decide will best complement the rest of your facial features.
  10. Ten days prior to your procedure, avoid painkillers (except Tylenol), fish oil, and Vitamin E, which tend to thin the blood. Thinner blood will make the area more prone to bruising and bleeding.
  11. Some slight bruising and bleeding at the site of injection is normal.The bruises should fade after five to seven days. Your doctor could also use a laser to dissolve a blood clot if necessary.
  12. Don’t expect to get Angelina Jolie’s lips. You can bring in inspiration photos, but ultimately, you and your doctor should decide what look is best for your face. You should also expect to increase the size gradually over time — not all at once — for the most natural results.
  13. Anyone who has a history of cold sores should take prevention medication two days before the procedure. Injections could trigger a cold sore.
  14. If you eventually decide to stop getting injections, your lips will return to their original state. Contrary to what you might think, your lips will not turn into saggy, wrinkly skin bags. However, the HA that was injected into your lips has been proven to jump-start more HA production at the site of the injection, so your lips could naturally remain a bit larger, thanks to the previous injections.