What is Botox?

You will find on our website a wide range of botox related services and, if you are planning on having any of these procedures, it is a good idea to have an understanding of what botox is.

 Botox is the trading name of the protein and neurotoxin known in the medical field as the Botulinum Toxin.


 – 1897 – Emile van Ermengem found the producer of the botulinum toxin:Clostridium botulinum baterium.

– 1949 – In an experiment, Arnold Burgen’s group found that that botulinum toxin blocks neuromuscular transmission.

– 1960 – the year when an ophthalmologist from San Francisco, Alan Scott, started working on a standardised botulinum toxin preparation.

– 1980 – He officially used the same form as used in the experiments to treat Strabism.

– 1989 – Botox is approved by the US FDA.

– 2002 – Cosmetic Botox was approved after extensive testing.

 Botox in the cosmetic industry:

 There are 2 types of botulinum toxin: Type A (Botox, Dysport and Xeomin) and Type B (MyoBloc/Neurobloc). The first one is the one used in the cosmetic industry.

 A cosmetic Botox injection consists of a small dose of botulinum toxin. The product blocks the acetylcholine release and decreases the muscle activity. In just a few words, Botox blocks nerve signals, therefore the injected muscle can no longer contract. This results in the softening and relaxing of wrinkles. The result is a younger face, fewer wrinkles or unaesthetic lines.

 A Botox injection takes no more than a few minutes. The Doctor will use a fine needle to inject the specific muscles. Anesthesia is not needed for this procedure, as it causes only a minor discomfort.

Our Irish Doctors offer free no obligation consultations where they can talk through your options and give you a clear idea of what to expect so that you can make an informed desicion if botox is the right treatment for you or not before you commit.

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