Why should you get your anti-wrinkle treatment from a professional?


Botox for cosmetic use is a highly purified toxin; and should only be administered by a doctor. In Ireland only licensed doctors and registered dentists should provide any cosmetic treatments. This is so you are not only getting the best treatment, but so you are getting professional, medically sound procedures. On top of that:

  • Dermal fillers are a prescription only medical device
  • Ensuring all practitioners are properly qualified for all the procedures they offer
  • All non-surgical procedures must be performed under the responsibility of a clinical professional who has gained the accredited qualification to prescribe, administer and supervise aesthetic procedures

Administering the correct dosage for each individual patient is vital. This is something that takes time to learn and expertise to administer. Understanding the need of each patient needs and identifying the corresponding areas of injection is vital. Therefore a person with a true understanding of the dermal, facial-muscular, and nervous system should be left to an expert. A dangerous alterative cropping up is so called “Botox ‘parties’”. There are unregulated venues where those who are not doctors administer the anti-wrinkle treatment or who lack aesthetic qualifications – these places should be avoided for your personal safety. There are side effects and things can go wrong when not done properly. One of the more serious issues is a non-trained practitioner severing a facial nerve.

In Ireland only medical professional are allowed to administer anti-wrinkle treatment. However, this regulation takes time and unsavory practices crop up here and here. As the guardian of your own health be sure to choose only the best for your treatments; choosing a medical professional allows you the safety of a qualified professional and the freedom of being able to make an informed decision about your beauty treatment. Everyone responds differently – don’t settle for less then the best you deserve. A medical professional like the staff at Younger You can give you the peace of mind face to face with our free consultations. Anti-wrinkle treatments are an art as well as a science. With our years of experience we can enhance the best parts of you.